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Walking directions from Dmitrovskaya Metro Station

After exiting from Dmitrovskaya Metro Station, you should take a right in the underpass. Come out to the surface on the left staircase and walk along Butyrskaya Street in the direction of the city center up until the intersection with Novodmitrovskaya Street (building 84).

Turn left at the intersection and continue along Novodmitrovskaya until you come to a railway crossing. After the railway crossing, pass by the business center with the Media Markt signboard, beyond which you should see a building with the letters “IBS” on the roof. The journey takes about 10 minutes. Find entrance to the sector AB. You can comfortably wait for the museum staff members on the sofas in the hall.

By car

In Yandex.Map indicate Apple Museum as a destination point. Don’t use Google.Maps. It gives wrong direction.
Attention! Free parking may not be available on working days. You can leave your car at parking lot at Savelovsky City, it’s cheap.